Directional Drilling to Repair Sewer Main Line in McHenry County, IL by Behm Enterprises

Directional Drilling Near Me – Finding A Service

Directional drilling is a technique that allows you to drill holes at a precise location. It is a great way to improve the efficiency of construction projects. Directional drilling is less invasive than digging trenches for the installation of underground utilities such as pipe, conduit or cable. Because of the potential for underground utility damage, it’s of utmost importance to find a directional drilling company with years of experience in operating drill rigs.

What is directional drilling

Directional drilling is a type of drilling where the drill bit is guided by an experienced crew. The experienced team is trained to drill to specific depths and can adjust the drill bit’s direction up or down, left or right, or even horizontally. This drill technology also allows the crew to see the exact depth of the well and the exact location of the drilling hole.

Directional drilling services, also known as horizontal drilling services, are a cost-effective way to intersect multiple targets within one wellbore, and the process can be completed at high production rates. It is an ideal method to drill multiple targets adjacent to structures.

Applications of Directional Drilling

Another application of directional drilling involves placing a pipeline under a river or locating fiber-optic cables in remote areas. The precise control of directional drilling is required, and specialized tools and equipment are used. The precision of directional drilling is crucial for such projects, as accurate survey data are not reliable enough to accurately intersect wellbores at deep depths. Other HDD projects (horizontal directional drilling projects) include utility installation for residential and commercial construction projects. Directional technologies are used to replace a water line or sewer line, and installing natural gas lines through a trenchless method that minimizes the ground disruption.

Benefits of Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is safe and accurate and has many benefits for construction companies.

  • Directional drilling has also reduced costs in residential and commercial construction.
  • The process is environmentally friendly and does not create as much noise as traditional methods.
  • Since directional drilling requires highly specialized equipment, it has the added advantage of minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • Unlike traditional methods of piping installation, directional drilling allows contractors to drill through the ground horizontally, ensuring that the pipe or utility is installed without creating any major disruption.
  • Another benefit is that it is much less expensive than traditional excavation. Traditional methods of excavation usually require a large amount of time to complete, and the cost of restoring damaged areas can be extremely expensive. This process eliminates the need to restore damaged areas after drilling, saving contractors time and money.
  • Another advantage of directional drilling is its ability to work in areas that are otherwise difficult to access.

Directional drilling also allows operators to control their horizontal direction while in the ground. Because of this, it is possible for operators to reach multiple target zones from a single access point. This can significantly reduce the overall cost of drilling.

Disadvantages of Directional Drilling

Directional drilling does have disadvantages.

  • It can be expensive, and cost depends on several factors. These factors include soil conditions, the length of the bore, and location of the job site.
  • The disadvantages of directional drilling include electromagnetic interference and inadvertent drilling fluid returns.

Nevertheless, these disadvantages can be easily mitigated with a little planning.

Directional Drilling Near Me

Directional drilling has become the industry standard and accepted drilling method for utility service installation. With it’s advantages of minimal impact to the environment and potential cost savings, directional drilling operations at Behm Enterprises offer a full service of repairing and installing water lines, sewer lines, and underground services. We are excavating contractors providing expert grading, utility installation and repair since 1992. Contact our team of experts today for your directional drilling needs!