Directional Drilling services for industrial and commercial properties in McHenry and Lake County, by Behm Enterprises. Directional Drilling is a safe and efficient way to repair and install water and sewer lines.

Directional Drilling for Sewer Pipelines and Other Utilities

Directional drilling also known as Horizontal boring or directional boring is a cost-effective method for repairing and installing water lines, sewer lines, and underground services. This method does not require trenching and solves installation problems with minimal environmental impact. Directional drills can be safer than traditional excavation and better for the environment by being launched from the surface.

This is faster than digging a trench, and it’s less expensive than replacing the line manually. Digging a trench can cause more damage to the ground and takes longer to put back together. A directional drilling machine can be much more efficient. This will allow you to save time and money while requiring minimal restoration.

It is crucial to hire a qualified contractor for directional drilling. A qualified contractor will ensure that your project runs smoothly and safely. They can provide the best services for you. You can also ask for references from trusted companies and receive free estimates. There are many reasons to hire a professional contractor like Behm Enterprises, Inc.

By utilizing the latest technological solutions, Behm Enterprises, Inc. has the equipment and experience necessary to install utilities with minimal disruption to the surroundings. Landscaping, heavily wooded areas, paved surfaces, and other obstacles can remain undisturbed.

What is Directional Drilling?

Directional drilling allows for pipeline installation without the need to dig trenches. A pilot bore is first drilled to permit pipe installation. This technique is safe and efficient and can be used to accomplish many purposes. It can also be used to replace piping on an existing property.

Utilities that can be installed through the use of directional drilling include sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, force main, electrical conduits, and virtually all other underground piping. Directional boring is often selected as the preferred pipe installation method due to restoration considerations, while at the same time reducing construction costs.

This trenchless method of replacing pipes eliminates all visible disturbance to the ground. Directional drillers can work underneath rivers and other obstacles. Due to the minimal visual impact of directional boring, they are extremely efficient. They can efficiently install and repair sewer lines and lower operating costs with the right equipment. This method allows you to install high-quality sewer lines without affecting the landscape or water supply.

This method is used for pipe installation in industrial and commercial areas. This is an efficient technique for the repair and placement of water and sewer lines. It can also be used to repair or replace existing water mains. This process has many advantages. It is both safe and efficient.

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