From identifying the problems to completing the necessary repairs, Behm Enterprises offers complete solutions to all residential needs including sewer line repair, water repair, and storm sewer repairs.

Behm Enterprises offers emergency repairs for all residential sanitary sewer and water problems. Residential repairs include complete or partial sanitary sewer and/or water service replacement. In addition to service replacements, Behm Enterprises offers sanitary sewer clean-out installations in order to facilitate rodding out of existing blocked sewers. Video camera inspection of sewer service is available to identify potential blockages, problems, and/or repairs.

Emergency Residential Sewer Line Repair

A damaged sewer line can lead to sewage water backing up into your home’s basement, beneath crawl spaces, or underneath the landscaping and paved surfaces. This is a smelly nuisance that can cause major water damage and a biological hazard for your family.

We will come out to your residence to diagnose and offer you the best solution to repair your sewer line.

If your sewer line springs a leak or breaks and needs to be repaired, you have two options: Dig a trench around the sewer pipe or use trenchless sewer line repairs. A trenchless sewer repair is time and cost-effective while requiring little to no digging.

Pipe Lining
If the damage to your home’s sewage pipe is minimal, pipe lining can be used to insert an inflatable tube covered in epoxy into your sewer line. From there, the tube is inflated, pressing against the existing line. While it’s up against the existing sewage line, the epoxy cures and hardens, repairing the leak. The inflatable tube can then be removed and the residential sewer line repaired.

Pipe Bursting
When a sewer line is too damaged to use the pipe lining technique, a less invasive trenchless repair can be performed. We will feed a cone-shaped bit through your existing residential line and destroy the pipe while immediately replacing it with a new one. This process is more expensive and less time-effective, but it doesn’t require extensive excavation.

Residential Sewer Line and Drain Cleaning with Hydro Jetting

Preventative maintenance will prevent larger problems from occurring and will protect your home down the road. Hydro jetting is a method to clean your home’s clogged drains and pipes. It uses no chemicals, just highly pressurized water (up to 4000 PSI) to break up and remove grease, sludge, and even tree roots from sewer drainage pipes. Water this pressurized can clear away just about any obstruction. Think of hydro jetting as pressure washing for the inside of your home’s pipes, only more powerful.

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