Excavating Contractors and Grading Experts

Excavating contractors do more than just dig. A professional contractor is key to preparing the land for construction. Excavating is the process of flattening inclines and enhancing water draining. To control erosion and protect against water damage, an essential stage in excavation is to effectively grade the site area.

Quality work is essential for the construction of new buildings and utilities. With an array of equipment ranging from mini excavators to large excavators, our experienced operators can effectively address all your excavating needs. Our services play a vital role in construction site projects.

For projects which involve excavating and underground utility installation, Behm Enterprises offers competitive packages, while having a single point of contact for all site development needs.

  • Foundation Excavation
  • Aggregate Installation
  • Parking Lot Grading
  • Drainage Grading
  • Erosion Control
  • Site Utility Work

Excavating Planning

Through detailed analysis of the plans and coordination with various project members, Behm Enterprises offers a complete package from excavating to backfill. This process includes handling of excess spoils generated from excavation operations and providing of necessary aggregates. Ahead of the actual excavating process, Behm Enterprises will inspect the site and prepare plans designed for the depth and size of the excavation site. Depending on the project, our team will prepare drawings to mark the boundaries of the site to safeguard sensitive artifacts as well as protect surrounding structures.

Additionally, Behm Enterprises’ excavating services include support for large projects such as commercial lot preparation and road construction. Site preparation can include grading parking area or preparing the land for new construction.

As a result of several factors, professional excavation services can be expensive. Our skilled team is trained to operate heavy machinery that is used on job sites. Our company also carries appropriate coverage to cover property damage during excavation services due to the type of work.

The biggest benefit about employing an excavating company is the peace of mind it offers you, knowing that you are in great hands. With years of experience, Behm Enterprises offers excavation services that meet the needs of both commercial and residential customers. Aside from demolition, Behm Enterprises offers expert underground utility installation and site development services.

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