Repaired residential underground sewer pipeline in Northern Illinois by Behm Enterprises

Residential Sewer & Water Line Repair

Behm Enterprises offers emergency repairs for all residential sanitary sewer and water problems. Residential repairs include complete or partial sanitary sewer and/or water service replacement. In addition to service replacements, Behm Enterprises offers sanitary sewer clean-out installations in order to facilitate rodding out of existing blocked sewers. Video camera inspection of sewer service is available to identify potential blockages, problems, and/or repairs.

Water Service Line Replacement

Lead Water Service Line Replacement

Lead pipes, a hidden hazard in many homes, pose serious health risks by contaminating drinking water. In Illinois, efforts to replace these toxic lines are supported by financial aid programs to protect public health. Exposure to lead can lead to cognitive and developmental issues, especially in children and pregnant women. As a homeowner, it’s crucial to identify and replace lead pipes. Take action with Behm’s expert services to ensure your water is safe. Secure your family’s health with Behm’s support in navigating this vital upgrade.

Directional drilling horizontal boring

Directional Drilling

Save time and money while requiring minimal restoration with Directional Drilling for underground services. Behm Enterprises provides Directional Drilling services for industrial and commercial properties in McHenry and Lake County. Directional Drilling is a safe and efficient way to repair and install water and sewer lines.

Hydro jetting clogged drains to prevent backups by Behm Enterprises

Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Services

Our Hydro Jetting service cleans clogged drains and pipes without chemicals, just highly pressurized water to break up and remove grease, sludge, and even tree roots from sewer drainage pipes. Water this pressurized can clear away just about any obstruction.

Excavating contractor Lake Forest, Barrington

Grading & Excavation

Quality work is essential for the construction of new buildings and utilities. With an array of equipment ranging from mini excavators to large excavators, our experienced operators can effectively address all your excavating needs. Our services play a vital role in construction site projects.

Site utility repairs and installation

Site Utility Services

Behm Enterprises offers traditional water and sewer line installation, as well as the repair of field tiles and culverts. Our experienced Underground Utility Contractors can also complete lift station installation and sanitary sewer force mainline installation. In other words, Behm Enterprises can meet the challenges of all your sewer needs.

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