Site Utility Services

Site Utility Services

Site Utility Services

Behm Enterprises offers a complete line of site utility services, including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main.

We provide cost-effective, professional solutions for any site utility services that you may need. while minimizing disruption of service and surface conditions. By staying current on all the latest technologies, such as directional drilling and pipelining, our company minimizes the disruption of service and surface conditions.

Site Utility Services

Behm Enterprises offers traditional water and sewer line installation, as well as the repair of field tiles and culverts. Our experienced Underground Utility Contractors can also complete lift station installation and sanitary sewer force mainline installation. In other words, Behm Enterprises can meet the challenges of all your sewer needs.

Behm Enterprises offers all of the following services:

• Sanitary Sewer
• Sanitary Force Main
• Storm Sewer
• Water Main
• Drain Tile
• Lift Stations

Directional drilling, and other related technological advancements in utility services, offer many benefits to consumers. These benefits include:

• Offering customers a less invasive way to establish new lines
• Money savings
• Time Savings

How Directional Drilling Works

Directional drilling is a trenchless method used to install underground pipes, like sewer and water main lines.

In this method of pipeline installation, a horizontal boring machine establishes what is called a pilot hole where a hollow pipe can be inserted into the ground. This continues for each new section to prep the area for the entire line.

Once the pilot hole is complete, it is enlarged for the new line. A reamer is used to enlarge the hole, providing further prep and clearing the area for the new line. The enlarged pilot hole needs to be 25% larger than the line to ensure that there is no issue running the pipe through.
Finally, the new line is pulled through the prepared opening, establishing the pipeline.

How New Methods Benefit Customers

Not only does directional drilling limit the environmental impact occurring by the installation of new lines. It also results in cost and time savings for our customers. Since we can complete jobs without having to dig up entire areas, it results in much less service disruption for our customers.

Advancements in technology also mean that we can install pipelines in even the most unforgiving conditions. In the past, laying underground pipe would have been nearly impossible in certain areas deemed inaccessible. But now, utilizing the latest technology allows us to install storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and mainline pipelines.

These same technological advancements also allow us to install pipelines faster than ever before. Faster and easier installation results in less service disruption to our customers than ever before.

Coordination of Site Utility Services

With all jobs, from new mainline installation to the replacement of existing piping, coordination is critical. All of our projects receive careful analysis and scheduling by our Site Utility Contractors. They will work with you to maximize efficiency and minimize service disruption.

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