Does homeowners insurance cover sewer line damage?

Sewer Line Damage and Home Owners Insurance

Sewer line replacement is typically not included in a standard home insurance policy. However, most homeowners insurance companies offer an endorsement that you can add to your standard policy that will cover damages associated with sewage back up (but not physical damage). The endorsement usually costs an extra $40 to $50 per year according to the Insurance Information Institute, and gets you an extra $10,000 of coverage should your sewer back up.

A sewage back up can destroy your entire home. The best thing we recommend is to prevent a sewage line back up in the first place.

Steps to Prevent Sewer Line Damage

  1. Don’t pour kitchen grease or cooking oil down drains.
  2. Don’t flush diapers, facial wipes, feminine hygiene products or paper towels down toilets.
  3. Elevate appliances and valuables in basements to prevent undue damage in the event of water or sewage backup.
  4. Ensure that basement sump pumps are in good working order by cleaning them annually and running them several times per year.
  5. Fit your sump pump with a battery backup to ensure it can continue to work during power outages.
  6. Prevent water backups by installing a backwater prevention valve in your sewer line. The valve will ensure sewage flows out and prevents it from flowing into your home.
  7. Remove trees or shrubs whose roots might interfere with the waterline.
  8. If you own an older home, you may also consider replacing your sewer line with a plastic pipe to prevent root damage.

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